APP Introduction
● System Requirements : Smartphones or Tablets which support Bluetooth 4.0 (BLE)
Download and Install
Click the link below to download “iBP ECG Plus” from App Store / Google Play.
iBP ECG Plus can connect with devices support with Bluetooth 4.0 (BLE) function, and provide real-time display of ECG and Blood Pressure measurements and automatically store records in smartphone or tablet for medical professionalists’ reference and further diagnosis.


User Interface
Real-time display of your ECG and Blood Pressure measurement. Click on the Heart icon at top right corner to switch between the main screen and ECG trace graph.
Display your measurement records in reverse chronological order. The records will be automatically stored in smartphone or tablet only when it is connected with your device during measurement.
BP Analysis
Display the Trend, Statistic and Distribution Analysis of selected weekly / monthly / yearly period of blood pressure and pulse readings stored in records.
Download the records from your device to smartphone or tablet. Your device will stop all other functions during downloading and turn off automatically after download completed.
Connect Device
Turn on the auto-scan function and select your device to establish connection. The Bluetooth icon will light on if successfully connected.
You may edit your personal information in “User Information” and make advanced settings on key beep, heart beat beep, hour display mode, date/time, data deletion, and obtain the device information in “Device Settings” when your device is in connection with smartphone or tablet.
Provide classification indicator of Blood Pressure readings defined by World Health Organization, Summary results.
Instructions of establishing connection for your device and smartphone or tablet.
Information of iBP ECG Plus APP developer and APP version.
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